Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Starving to death on artificial yeses...

"A lioness in central Kenya has baffled wildlife experts by adopting a baby oryx, a kind of small antelope normally preyed upon by big cats..." BBC News

My "yes" in the world becomes artificial and soul-taking when my inner being, my true self is shouting a resounding "No". One night on television I watched a documentary on Africa. A lioness was spotted mothering a young oryx which is a lion's natural, primary food (aliveness) source. Her true nature was to stalk and kill it. Eat or die. Yet she would not leave it's side to hunt for food for fear the other lions would kill it. They both became thinner and thinner

Her "yes" to the oryx betrayed her true identity. 
As I continued to watch the program, a sobering thought, "What "yeses" emaciate my spirit, make me untrue to my natural self? Maybe, those social situations that take my energy when a quiet walk along the lake would act like magic, leaving me with "a light and merry heart." 

Writing, too, is who I am, I love it and it loves me. Walking, hiking loves me back, as well. Yet, only a natural self gives that kind of feeling feed-back. Besides, allowing a couch-bound, procrastinated "artificial yes"
 to a poor TV program win, indeed, can leave me slightly emaciated. I shrink. Plus, I just plain do not feel good, after

A few weeks later, the oryx was killed by a male lion while the lioness, greatly weakened, slept. She was grief-stricken and angry when she woke. Yet her "artificial yes" had killed them both. No more oryx and she was never seen again. 

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