Friday, May 9, 2014

meeting Mrs Thor...

"There are an infinite number of parallel realities co-existing with us in the same room."
Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize for Physics (1979)

Last night, walking up a grassy hill, each blade of spring green caught the sun light. Then suddenly I "bi-located" and was standing in this living-room that had a 1940's feel to it. A woman was walking toward me. I wondered who she was. Looking directly at me, she reached up with both hands and held me (as if in place) by the upper arms, stating, "I am Mrs Thor." My body felt the greatest sense of largeness.

I knew I was asleep yet here I was awake, in two places at once.  She began to talk on "such neat stuff," expanding me beyond my own limited consciousness. Excitedly, I kept telling her, I will remember this and "take it back." Then in the middle of her talk a thought interrupted my resolve.

Earlier in the day, I had been puzzling about how real are we without our skin and bone bodies? Are we still in human form when these fingers typing become dust or ash? As a kid I would look down at my toes, stomach and think I feel much bigger than this little body. Now here was my chance. Interrupting her, and feeling the solidity of her hands on my arms, I asked, "Do you have a human body?" She paused, gave a little laugh, shook her head slightly, looked directly at me and said distinctly, "No, I do not." In glee, I lifted off the floor and did the funnest, air-born 360 degree back-flip.

I woke wondering how come the bed wasn't levitating as I felt so much zing and caring-essence. Then the thought, "Oh my gosh, this must be the start of going 'down the rabbit hole.'"* As science now tells us we live in a multi-dimensional universe. The world-view has changed since I went to school, even since university -- the world is no long round in it's non-physicality. Matter and spirit are one. Ultimately, there is no solidity, merely denser or finer energies, faster or slower frequencies.

Modern science invites us to go "down the rabbit hole" beyond logic and reason. My grandchildren via Skype or I phone instantly, after pushing a button, walked down my deck steps last week to see the blooms on the prickly pear cactus growing in my Tucson yard, 3800 miles away. An unthinkable feat of energetic transference ten years ago. And what will be next?

Maybe we are 99.9 % star stuff -- dancing energy. Maybe certain (lucid) dreams are actually visits to parallel realities as some scientists suggest.** In my limited-everything view, I can only guess. Yet in essence, I am not bones, toes, fingers, or any other organ. The more dense (anger, fear, etc) I am the slower my frequency. Rocks have a slower frequency than air.

However, my vibration feels finer when I am connected to source and consciously in spirit. Through meditation, joyful purpose, laughing, loving and even soul-full sadness the denser me changes into "light and wing" accompanied by an inner ability to do a leaping back-flip. Thus, when this human, seemingly solid-body becomes dust maybe my frequency will be finer, faster so I can go "down the rabbit hole" again and visit Mrs Thor.

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*Reference from "What the Bleep Do I Know?"... a movie about the recent discoveries in quantum physics

**Fred Alan Wolf, a physicist specializing in the relationship between consciousness and science

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