Saturday, August 30, 2014

crow and dog...

As I turn a corner, a crow is hopping back and forth outside a wire-fence where lives a little white dog, inside a wire-fence. Cawing and barking, a great noise was being made. Both would rush the fence, one inside, one out.  I slowed my step hoping to become invisible. Crow struts forward, teasing? Dog, with little face-fir flying in the breeze, attacks again. Crow hops to top of fence -- caw,caw or ha,ha?

Oh, I see. This is a game. Crow definitely has control -- until dog spots walker, me. White fluffy-fir  rushes my way, barking ferociously -- a fierce monster wanna be. Startled, I step back.

Crow, now ignored, tries the old moves. Dog has new interest, me. I slow down to see how this game plays out. After several disappointing thrusts crow daringly lands inside fence! I am still dog's main attraction. Crow hops closer, caw, caw -- dangerously close, insisting on attention.

Finally, dog notices pesky crow dancing in and out, far too close to little, wiggly tail. Dog turns. Do I see a flicker of aggravation?  Then a quick thrust to dispense with this playmate turned nuisance. Flight escape-timing again, executed uncannily.

Leaving, I look back, crow is strutting the grass safe again, outside of fence.  Do I detect a dash of the peacock in that walk?  I continue up the hill thinking, crow loved that game but did dog? Hmm.

Arriving back home, crow or crow-cousin sits on the telephone pole. Looking up, I wonder, what game would you play with me?

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