Saturday, February 7, 2015

there are more things in heaven and earth...

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Shakespeare

In the last few weeks several readers have asked, "How do I get in touch with my spiritual guide?* A challenging question for those of us who see material objects with human eyes.

However, there is another way of seeing, feeling with the body, with the mind. An inner seeing, an inner sensibility that swings us out beyond our five or six senses. After all, a dog can hear more frequencies than we humans, a bird of prey can spot a meal three kilometers away. Here at the University of Arizona in Tucson mediums, Tibetan monks and yogis come from all over the world to participate in researching our abilities "to think outside the box" --  to see "outside the box" of conventional wisdom.

Early on, I began to identify that a deeper knowing than my own was operative in my life. In difficult situations, some solutions were smarter than I could "think up." I recognized intuition and instincts served me well but what were they?  I had no idea about guides, yet, began to recognize "larger hands at play." Surely, this caring-compassion that got me through specific difficulties, couldn't be mere coincidence. Thus, I began to say "thank you" to whatever particular part of "God" seemed to be working on my behalf.

Starting to identify the "information" as somewhat separate, experiencing its dependability and caring,  I began to relate to it personally. This energy gradually grew more into a felt form -- very like in a dream when a stranger appears, yet you recognize the energy to be someone you know. Asking questions out of need or curiosity, a thought might emerge that felt a little different, had more weight than another and was indeed smarter than my local self.

Thus, it was natural to begin thinking of this help as a guide. So I asked for a name. A word came to me; I have no idea why, as I had never heard it before and wasn't even sure it was a word. Nevertheless, a name furthered my awareness.  In hindsight, the value of identifying this experience as personal allowed it to work more powerfully in my days. This added presence was life-enhancing and healing.

Years ago, no book could be found on the subject of spiritual guides. Now, go to any book store and there are whole sections devoted to the subject. However, I never lose sight of what we well know, divine guidance is infinite and needs no name, no image in order to permeate our lives.  As "very best friends" do not come highly numbered, neither in my experience do spiritual guides. Yet, in our walk each emits love, healing and Presence.

For the readers who asked the above question, the following suggestions help me focus.
- Intention: I generally have a need, a curiosity, a question or want more information about a situation.
- I pick a place, a spot that has resonance and meaning for me, be it the kitchen table, outdoors, looking at the stars or on my bed.
- Then settling myself by breathing softly, I ask my question and wait to see if anything comes -- an image, word-thought or feeling. If nothing happens, I might take a guess what the guide could look like in order to stimulate my inner-seeing.
- Then, like a friendship, allow it time to grow.

Photo source: painted between 1850-1899 by Jose Ferraz de Almeida Junior
*If the word "guide" does not line up with your meaning system, change it. Maybe "helper" or "angel" or some other term will feel more personal.

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