Friday, January 31, 2014

a thought has weight...

"Thought is reality, if you think it is beneficial, it will be. If the situation is seen as negative then you will move into that." Continuing, my ancient friend leaned forward and pointed her finger at me, "It is how each one thinks reality is, is how it goes. Thoughts are concrete. As you think, you are."

After talking with her, I wrote in my journal, "Imagine, thoughts being as concrete as the chair I am sitting on. If I can believe that, the implications are enormous. My prayer for another person could be as real as a physical hug. However, my negative thought or judgement might be felt in another's being like a physical punch. That is sobering. (This conversation and journal entry were written several decades ago.)

The idea that a thought is as concrete energetically as an object was shockingly new to me, then.  Today such an awareness is a common fact. Scientists, shamans and my own experience bear witness. Thought has weight, form, and a life force strong enough to create our realities. Just because we can't see it's form, like the kettle on the counter, does not mean it doesn't exist. When I think of biting into a lemon, the mere thought of it causes my saliva glands to start mobilizing for the coming onslaught of sourness. A friend of mine is scared of heights. To merely think of looking down from a high building produces beads of perspiration on her hands.

Thoughts also have the power and weight to change our feelings and our perceptions. When thinking I cannot do something, I generally can't. Playing the piano these past two years after decades of "can't" proved that. However, if I think I can do something the thought leaves me feeling more intelligent, able and accomplished. I might muff some notes but I love playing the keys. Also when experiencing creative, caring and loving thoughts a largeness of spirit often follows and presence waits.

Yet, I am appalled at how often my good nature let's loose a weighty-thought in the form of a judgement, label, or opinion toward someone. And worst still, I do this knowing what I know. The neighbor whose dog barks too often, the relative who is critical and the homeless man on the corner are all in danger of losing their sacredness -- muzzle the dog, the guy is dirty, the relative is destructive. These thoughts sail around as if they owned the air.

Yet the good news is -- no matter how heavy the thought, "The thinker is not who I am."* Humans are much larger than their mental concepts. We have a deeper and vastly more intelligent heart from which to choose, alter or guard-against any thought we produce. An old sign reads, "Be alert, we need more lerts." I will continue to try.

*Eckhart Tolle
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

God is under the porch...

"The more I tune into this life I realize God is everywhere and the extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary. Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond...and the water dripping from the drainage pipe. Yes, God is under the porch as well as on top of the mountain...if we are willing to be (here).   Mark Nepo

Hurrying by the living room to catch my flight in time for Tucson, I felt a surge of gratitude and the urge to bow. The tree, mantle, presents were still emitting Christmas magic, the piano was standing stately that had given me so much abandoned joy. I turned to the kitchen that had cooked so many meals and then the foyer that had welcomed friends, family and strangers.  I felt reverence, relationship and almost said out loud, "How 'You' have supported me." I bowed.

While still in this feeling of grace/awareness at 36,000 ft (the woman pilot informed us) I ponder my earlier experience, thinking, "Oh how palatable and lovely it still is." None of it feels inanimate as if mere objects -- solid, lifeless. Each seemed to resonate with a presence beyond their physical form. In the paradigm I grew up in, objects where mere objects so supposedly was water, light, plant and tree. Now, I am asking the latter if I can drive a nail into it to hold the bird feeder -- knowing it is a throbbing life in tree-form.

The mystics and quantum physicists know there is a level of awareness where all is essentially, One. In other words, there is no solid, no dead, only transition. The essence of life bare, is light. As a spirit guide suggested, we could think of light as a living presence. Ask, ...and it will respond.*

What if we saw objects beyond their labels, attempted to experience them differently from another dimension of awareness: maybe God/love is waiting beneath the skin of the ordinary -- alive, caring, supporting -- energetically. Having just felt in relationship with a piano and a foyer, it begs the question. What if objects have their own kind of spirit, energy, light? What if?

Entering my Tucson home hours later, the table, desk, sofa, covered with months of desert dust definitely looked inanimate. My earlier awareness had dissipated as I guessed it might. Where are my heart-eyes, my heart-feelings now? Gone. My life would be transformed if I could change the channel of my awareness at will but I can't. Yet, rather than explain it away, I want to take this magical path to a deeper truth which understands that more than humans hold sacred space. Then maybe the ordinary will dance and life will live me.

* Sanaya Roman
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