Friday, April 8, 2016

My name is day...

"Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moon beams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?"
                              lyrics by Johnny Burke

Waking I hear a knock. Opening the door, a voice dressed in beautiful colors, says, "My name is Day.  Do you want to live with me today?"
"Oh, I'd love too but I can't. I have this, this and that to do." I sigh.
"I'll wait, you might come out." (I probably won't.)

I close the door, a niggle thought. Maybe Day doesn't want me filling it with stuff or rushing to a fire that wasn't lit. Maybe it just wants a little quiet, hum and some relating-time. I know it loves to swing on stars and carry sunshine in a jar?

However, regrettably we share a long history of 'no's.' Some times when Day knocks, if it's not busyness, I might be feeling sad or even lonely.  I don't want to swing on anything and my moon jar has vanished. Then 'she' will whisper gently, "Oh Augusta, I can comfort you in countless ways. My joy flows deep." Another time it might be pain, then Day responds, (and 'she' always responds) "I offer you healing balm." I close the door and tend my stuff.

Taking Day for granted, invitations are ignored. What if Day didn't exist and days don't in space? Ah, but they are faithful, always giving me second, third and endless chances to come out of stuff and be alive -- which is quite different than existing.

Another knock, and there Day stands in rainbow colors of hope and trust. 'She' smiles so wisely, so knowingly. "I will accompany you in your loneliness, your pain and your sadness. Just come out. You see I love you. You are as beautiful as the sunsets, the bird song and your own breath. Breathe me in and Breath me out. You will see..."

Yes, days are groovy. They like to be appreciated and love to carry magic in a jar.
And so I wake, the sun peeks over the Rincons. There's that knock, Day sings, "Hi, do you want to come out to play? Do you want to think about who I am before you close the door, today?"
I smile, "Indeed."
Day bows and says, "I am your Gift, you will see."

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Excerpts taken from a fun dialogue with a wise friend...