Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A new day and every raindrop has meaning...

Greetings to each,  a new start...

 After five years of writings, some of which are now published in the book Moments That  Blink Back, it is time again to start anew. Yet first, I want to thank you, the readers, for your encouraging and appreciative responses to the book.

Since my last writing was posted in April,  I have been working on my next book titled, The Cottage Woman. Several decades ago,  I met with a wise, old woman who visited me in a  small, rustic cottage located on the North Atlantic coast. We talked every couple of weeks for five years. Thus, I call her the Cottage Woman. 

Because of her, I discovered over time the five senses are fine except there is more: there is a beyond the five senses. I was learning that to listen to the unseen, the invisible; one develops another kind of listening and seeing.  

Early in my visits with her, I kept interpreting her lesson as physical listening and physical seeing. However, she had something else in mind and began to teach me a different kind of language and a deeper wisdom.

As a prologue to this book being published, I will begin threading some of her excerpts in between the new writings about the magic of everyday living. The timing of these writings and her wisdom will be more spontaneous than in the former postings.

Also when quoting the Cottage Woman, my immediate thought responses back then (as recorded in my journal) are put in italics.

These new writings will also be posted on my website. I do hope you enjoy...

My best, Augusta

The Cottage Woman often reminded me that I need to live a life of caring. Below is part of our conversation about a year after I met her. After trying to live her advice for decades and often missing her mark, I have concluded her wisdom can enrich anyone's daily life. 

Her encouragement is thus, "You are to remember you are in Presence.  Must feel it, lead into it, hold it.  Must have confidence in yourself and walk with assurance and love.  
You must also be very aware of being loving.  Walk in love. You do not do these things by yourself.”  How many times have you told me this, but it is different hearing about it each time. It is shocking to realize how much help the Other Side gives us humans and we are not even aware it exists for the most part!
She continues seemingly ignoring my thought, “Be alert. Every moment has meaning, every step, every breath. Be very sensitive to air, light; it engulfs and enfolds you, even the touch of air. Every rain drop has meaning.” I love what I am hearing. 

Then I ask about something which I often do to relax and center myself. "Has my walking awareness improved?"
My old friend pauses, tilts her head and repeats, "Making every step count.  Breathe.  Every moment has meaning.  One is very sensitive to air, to light that engulfs and enfolds one: even to the touch of the air.  Every touch of snowflake, every raindrop has meaning."                                                                                                              
                                                     The Cottage Woman